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I'm now working on both Contiki and SD-OS (PC-6001's SD card Operating System). A first version of SD-OS has been released a part of BELUGA's ROM, while the next version is expected to be released shortly. My blog has more.

Sorry for the long absence! I'm now working on an SD card adapter for ATARI joystick port. It will give a huge storage space for 8-bit computers!
Another page describes my progress in Japanese.
By the way, I will move to UK soon, and continue this work there.

Now PC-6001 version works on the real machine with network support! Please find Download section to try a telnet client on your PC-6001!

PC-6001 sources have been added to the Contiki main source tree! Please visit Contiki project to check this out!

You can download your copy of the binary as well, but it only contains a single configuration without communication. To try the full power of Contiki, you want to build it from the source.

A new sourceforge project has opened. It is to convert the output of compiler's Intel HEX format (IHX) to platform-dependent format, such as .cas or .rom. Please find Hexameter project to try this.

Now Contiki z80 version is growing significantly. I will commit PC-6001 version soon, and you will be able to get whole source code and try this with a new Hexameter project.

A binary package is available for download. As shown in screenshots below, PC-6001 version and PC-6001mkII version are available. Visit Downloads page to see how it is. If you want to know what is going on, visit UpdateLog page for details.

Now I move on to Contiki 2.x branch. Currently, compilation is succeeded and some applications work.

Due to the memory limitation, I cannot bundle many applications in a single image.

Current status:


Contiki-p6-20030531 is released!  Please follow a link to downloads if you want to check it out.

Now I'm trying to port Contiki on PC-8801 as well as PC-6001.  Following's a screenshot of very early stage.  Probably it will be working on PC-8001.

I'm now porting Contiki desktop environment to NEC PC-6001.  Contiki is a modern, internet-enabled OS for 8bit systems originally developed on Commodore64 systems.  It comes with a web browser, an email client, and even a web server!  Implementing such modern functionality on pre-historical systems seems somewhat maniac but very exciting! 

Thanks to the information provided by Ishioka-san (Original author of iP6), now Contiki-P6 can handle keys properly and works with PC-6001VW !

Current status:

Current problem:

Here you can see some screenshots.

[Contiki on Virtual NEC Trek]

Oops! A window exceeds the 6001's small screen! :-)

[Contiki on iP6Win]


[Contiki on iP6Win for PC-6001mk2 mode]

It seems that the dialog size fits with the mk2 mode...


Last updated: 5/31/03 JST

Last updated: 7/28/08 GMT


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